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Purchasing a license of Max Scheduler

The trial version is the Pro version. A Basic license can be upgraded any time to a Pro license.

Max Scheduler Pro - $200/month USD - Contact Us to Purchase
Max Scheduler Basic - $100/month USD - Contact Us to Purchase

Difference between Basic and Pro

The Pro license has the following features turned on:
  • Creation of export files for scheduled items. The menu option Import/Export | Create export file.
  • Ability to 'squeeze' items into an existing column of scheduled items.
  • Ability to shift down an entire column of scheduled items to fit into another.
  • Quick board navigation buttons which appear as '<' and '>'.
  • Publish all schedule boards in one step. The option in menu Board | Publish all boards is active.
If our online ordering is unsatisfactory or you would like to use purchase orders, please contact us through, sales@Max

Once we have received payment, we will email a license key. Download and install the trial version of Max Scheduler. Enter the license key through menu Help | Enter License. This will convert the trial version into the full version. We require a license for each computer Max Scheduler is installed on. We do provide volume discounts.