Schedule screen
The main screen in MaxScheduler shows a schedule in the top portion and a List view in the bottom. The List view shows jobs to be scheduled. Jobs are scheduled by using your mouse to drag jobs from the List view to their position on the schedule.

Cloud based scheduling software
Accessible from anywhere
Scheduling software is accessible through any web browser on computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Edit Jobs
Job details can be easily updated using a keyboard or mouse.
Color Coded Jobs
In MaxScheduler jobs can be color coded. In you business you can assign meaning to the colors and then be able to easily differentiate between jobs. For example a red job can mean it is urgent.
Protected schedule
The schedule for your business is protected by a log in screen.
User Profiles
There are three types of MaxScheduler users: Schedulers, Editors and Viewers. Schedulers can be make any change to a schedule. Editors can only make changes to the job details. Viewers can only see the schedule, not make changes. The idea is that Editors can be shop floor workers who can make updates on jobs, but aren't allowed to modify job start times.
Jobs to be scheduled are shown in the List View. The List View has features like Excel: Column sorting and data searching.
Data import
Job data can be imported into MaxScheduler to reduce clerical error. Useful is you have data in systems such as MRP, ERP, WMS, Job Shop, spreadsheets, accounting, etc.
Job Status
There is a overall job status screen that lets you search and see all job details. For example check if the job is currently scheduled or not.
Graphic schedule
planng software creates a graphical schedule. With a quick look you can get an intuitive feel for how your operations are going and see opportunities to make improvements. A graphical schedule reveals these details much better than jobs listed in a spreadsheet.

Job duration
The software creates a graphical schedule and each job can be scaled to amount of time it will take. In contrast it is sometimes difficult to figure this out using a spreadsheet to schedule.