MaxScheduler Price

MaxScheduler is a web application that is charged per user on a monthly basis.

MaxScheduler starts at $60/month

  • for the minimum purchase you get 4 users: 1 scheduler ($24/month) and 3 viewers/editors ($12/month)
  • web based software can accessed through desktops, tablets and smart phones
  • 9 am to 5 pm (EST) email support, weekdays

Scheduler - $24/month

There is a Scheduler role who can make any changes to a schedule.

Editor - $12/month

There is an Editor role who can change job details, but not reschedule jobs.

Viewer - $12/month

Viewers can only view the schedule. They cannot make changes.
Not interested in purchasing a subscription service? If so, perhaps our desktop scheduling software can suit your needs, click here.