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We offer a free trial that lasts 4 weeks. There is MaxScheduler Basic for independent jobs. MaxScheduler Routing is more complex, it handles jobs that breakout into multiple, connected Tasks. For example making a product that requires 5 connected steps. Check out our Videos page for fully explanations.

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You can start a basic 3 month subscription of MaxScheduler for $180. All prices are in USD.

Customer Testimonials

“We’ve been using Maxscheduler for several years now. It is the quickest, simplest way for us to schedule our small manufacturing plant. It’s been a game changer for us. We’ve found nothing like Maxscheduler. It is the perfect tool for scheduling our production floor. It’s robust and flexible. The support from the company has been excellent too!”

Chris J. - Consumer Display Industry
"MaxScheduler has been a lifesaver for us. It is quick and easy and allows me to schedule our production visually. Peter is always available to help if we have any questions. We have never had any downtime with MaxScheduler either. It just plain works!"

Bryan K. - Rubber Industry

"Max Scheduler was the right size, elegant solution, to help solve our immediate problem"
Al S. - Warehouse manager

Read more what Al Saltemachea was looking for in a receiving door scheduler
"We have a complete MRP system with a scheduler already, but it is so complicated and rigid that we never used it. Our production people already know the last minute constraints for each work center, so we really just needed “a white board” that Sales, Production, and Purchasing could see and have input to in real time. Also, I travel quite a bit so I need to see the latest up to date schedule as well. So putting it all together, MaxScheduler was the answer! We use it daily and it’s been great."

William S. - President - Controls Industry

"We were looking for a solution to some workflow issues we were having within our print studio. After looking online, Max Scheduler stood out as the simplest yet most suitable tool for organising our workflow. It created transparency within the company, especially as our staff are based in different locations yet all need to see what's going on within the print studio. We've also received excellent support when setting up the scheduler and can highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to work from a single online schedule."

Katie M. - Accounts - Media Agency

"There is no way possible we could possibly keep straight the number of Work Orders, Bins of Parts, and Quantity of Parts without MaxScheduler. There is no way possible we could respond to multiple customer requests daily.Quantifying benefits isn’t easy – but every member of the Production Team will state that we could not operate today with MaxScheduler."

Rick Chalmers - Quality Manager - EZ Industrial Solutions