Scheduling Configuration Options

Configuration - Sites
Scheduling software supports a company having multiple, separate facilities. We use the term Sites to distinguish each facility. Each Site is considered separate, has its own configurations, separate schedule and jobs.

Configuration - Resources
Planning software supports scheduling jobs to multiple resources of your business. These can be people, machines, work centers, production lines etc. In MaxSchedulerWeb you can have has many resources as you want. They are setup through our Resource screen, shown here.

Configuration - Boards
This scheduling software can plan for many resources. In order to be well organized we have Boards, groups of Resources, so that if you have 50 Resources, they are not all squeezed on to one screen making it hard to read schedule details.

Configuration - Attributes
Planning software lets you track job attributes for example Job Number, Color, Duration, Due Date, etc.

Operational hours
There is a good chance your facility is not open 24 hours a day. In this planning software you can choose what time periods your facility is open.
User Profiles
There are three types of MaxScheduler users: Schedulers, Editors and Viewers. Schedulers can be make any change to a schedule. Editors can only make changes to the job details. Viewers can only see the schedule, not make changes. The idea is that Editors can be shop floor workers who can make updates on jobs, but aren't allowed to modify job start times.