MaxScheduler Price

MaxScheduler is a web application that is charged per user on a monthly basis. There is no limit to the number of users on the system, pricing below.

MaxScheduler Basic - price starts from $60/month

  • for the minimum purchase you get 4 users: 1 scheduler ($24/month) and 3 viewers/editors ($12/month)
  • web based software can accessed through desktops, tablets and smart phones
  • 9 am to 5 pm (EST) email support, weekdays

Scheduler User - $24/month

There is a Scheduler role who can make any changes to a schedule.

Editor User - $12/month

There is an Editor role who can change job details, but not reschedule jobs.

Viewer User - $12/month

Viewers can only view the schedule. They cannot make changes.

MaxScheduler Routing - price starts from $240/month

  • There are two versions of MaxScheduler: Basic and Routing
  • Includes 4 users: 1 scheduler and 3 viewers/editors
  • Routing is for tracking of complex jobs that require multiple steps
  • If interested, please Contact us
You can start a basic 3 month subscription of MaxScheduler for $180. All prices are in USD.

We do offer an installed local version of MaxSchedulerWeb in case you don't want to rely on a hosted version. Contact us to learn more.

We do offer a desktop version of MaxScheduler. It supports one scheduler and you can publish the schedule as webpages on your local network. The desktop version allows for easier (cheaper) customization options. Click here to learn more.

MaxScheduler Enterprise / Customization

Are you looking for a larger scale scheduling solution or need something with specific features? MaxScheduler started out as customizable Enterprise software. We have a long track record of successful custom product development. Contact us at, perhaps we can build the solution your looking for.